This is a simple but very important reminder, worthy of repeating. When we are communicating with our team our clients, or our prospects we need to bake in opportunities for repetition. When we repeat what matters, we verbally underline and bold it… and that leads to retention and action.

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Hey, everybody. Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute this week coming to you from New York City. Earlier this week, Danyel and I had the amazing experience and privilege to attend a Heroic Public Speaking’s core class for two days. It was fantastic. Pages and pages of notes. Hopefully you're going to see all kinds of improvement in the way we show up, the way we present, honestly, the way we conduct workshops, all kinds of great things. But one of the best takeaways was one of the simplest takeaways. And it's a reminder from probably speech 101 that we all took at some point in high school or college, but it was just reinforced in a brilliant way, and I want to kind of expand upon it. And the lesson was: repeat what matters. Repeat what matters. How critical and how simple is that? That when something is super important that we give it emphasis by saying it more than once? Really by saying it more than once we underline it, we underscore it, we bold it, we exclamation point it. And I think that that goes from, you know what? Not just in a presentation or a speech or an all team meeting, like when we're actually talking. But I think repeat what matters also is about how often we say something in a longer duration of period of time. So I'm not just talking about in this two minute or three minute video, I'm going to say to you, you know what really matters when you repeat what matters, it underlines what matters. So repeat it. But what I'm saying to you also is you can't teach someone something once: agency math, the best way to deal with an unhappy client, whatever it may be, once. You have to identify the three or four core things that you want your whole agency to know or a specific team member to know or a leadership team. And then you need to repeat that on a regular basis. So again, repeat what matters in one conversation, in one day, in one quarter, in one year. What matters the most to you? What do you want to make sure are the takeaways for yourself, for your team, for a specific employee, even for a client? And then how are you going to emphasize it? By repeating it. Think about it. I'll see you next week.

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