With a little help from virtual reality, your virtual meetings can take on a whole new flavor!

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Hey, everybody. Drew McLellan here, from Agency Management Institute. This week, coming to you from Chile, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'm here with a peer group. And one of the agency owners showed us a very cool way that he is staying in touch with, and holding meetings with his remote team. It starts with everybody getting a set of Oculus goggles. If you're not familiar with those, they're basically a virtual reality game headset. But there's all kinds of business applications for them as well. They're using one called Workrooms. And what that does is, it allows them each to create an office environment, and to share an office environment. They can share a whiteboard, they can brainstorm together. And it looks and feels like they are all in the same room together. Even though they are hundreds of miles apart. The technology is not very expensive. Each headset's about $300. And the software is not expensive. For a few hundred dollars a piece, this is a way for those of you that are really have your team scattered, and are tired of zoom meetings, and wants something that feels more collaborative, feels more like you're sitting in a conference room together. To use this tool, to use this technology, to create a collaborative workplace. And, he's been using it for one on one meetings with his team. He's been using it when they're bringing creative teams together to concept. They've been using it, actually, to rehearse pitches. Lots of different ways to use this tool, and to use this software. To bring your team together and to simulate a more in-person experience for a team that is dispersed. Check it out. Maybe play with it a little bit. And by the way, the Oculus comes with some really great games as well. I have it for my personal use. And now I'm going to start trying it for this as well. So check it out. Alright, I'll see you next week.

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