As you go into your strategic thinking for 2022, I’d like to suggest a big question — where should you place your bets for the coming year? What’s worth the gamble?

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Hey everybody, Drew McLellan here from Agency Management Institute. This week, coming to you from Philly. I'm having a lot of conversations as we move closer to the year-end with agency owners around their 2022 plans. And one of the questions I've been asking agency owners in conversations we've been having is around this idea of, sort of, in your strategic planning for 2022. Here's a question that I want you to ask yourself and maybe your leadership team, where should we be placing our big bets for 2022? So, where should we be investing extra time, energy, money? What do we think is going to pay off for us in 2022? And this is different than just sort of your regular strategic planning questions. This is really about, where do we believe there is untapped opportunity? Where do we believe either because of our client base or the work that we do there is some unmined opportunity? or the work that we do there is some unmined opportunity? Or it might be something that's happening trend wise that's coming up inside the industries that you serve or just marketing in general. But you've got to be thinking about how are you going to go to market with something big, and bold, and meaningful in 2022? What are you going to talk to your clients about? How are you going to stay better connected with them? We're going to talk in the next couple of videos about some other strategic questions that I want you to ask, but this is the big one for today. Where should we be placing our big bet? So for some of you this might be a strategic hire. This might be investing in a new product line or service that you're offering clients. It might be a new partnership with someone who can really enhance what you're doing for clients. It might be doubling down, and really getting serious about analytics, and bringing in a data analyst on your team. For every one of you, it's going to be different. But for every agency, you should have an answer for "Here's a place or two." And by the way, this isn't a list of 10. This is a list of, at the most, two or three things where you are really ready to pour in some resource, time, energy, money. Because you think that bet is going to pay off either in 2022 or you're planting seeds for 2023. So if you have not asked yourself that question, where should we be placing our big bets for 2022, I want you to think about that this week. And I want you to have an answer. And I want you to start putting into play the plan, whatever that may be, all right? So again, where should we be placing our big bets for 2022? I can't wait to hear your answers. I'll talk to you soon.

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