Early in my life as an agency owner, I was convinced I could do it all.

And I was equally convinced that the fewer people we paid to do things, the better. I was handling clients during the day and doing my owner work at night.  Oh yeah, and I was doing all of the accounting and billing.  Which meant, as you can imagine, that our invoices went out late (which killed cash flow) and had errors galore.

I’m sure we lost clients because I was too stubborn and ignorant to realize that I needed help.  I made a lot of changes.  I joined the AMI, we hired a bookkeeper (the best decision I’d ever made in my professional career at that point in time) and realized I wasn’t omnipotent.

And you know how this story ends.  When I got out of my own way and put aside my stubbornness — I could actually do the work that I was supposed to be doing as an owner.  If you can’t ever get to your To Do list, check to make sure you’re not making the same mistake I did.

No matter how amazing you are — you can’t do it alone.  Crack open the wallet and delegate the work that you’re mediocre at so you have room to be brilliant!

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