How often has a prospect or client come to you asking for a brochure, app or some other tactic when it’s actually not what they need? The truth is — clients often don’t know what they need, but they know they have a problem.  They don’t know how to ask for it but what they’re looking for are  solutions to real business issues.  Your job as their agency is to be as innovative as possible in partnership with your client to develop those answers based on your expertise.  But how do you build that kind of trusting relationship?  And how do you grow your team so they’re capable of that kind of innovative thinking as well?

I dug into that topic for Smart Insights to give a few ways that you can broaden your knowledge of your client’s business, increase the trust between you and your client, and expand your ability to offer the solutions your client needs.  Take a look at the article.  I’d love to hear some of the ways you’ve managed your client relationships to increase your ability to innovate.