Today’s post is a guest article by David J. P. Fisher.

When thinking about how to sell their services, most agency owners think that they either have to pound relentlessly or wait patiently.  Either they send out tons of emails, make lots of calls, and attend every networking event in their area in an attempt to find business, or they “work by word of mouth” and take a passive approach, hoping that an existing client will email with a hot lead for them.

And in both cases, they find themselves struggling.

These days the sales process has changed.  Access to content online has put most of the buying process firmly in the hands of prospects and clients.  Information asymmetry, where sellers had more access than their prospects to insight and information, is a thing of the past.  If a potential client can get all the facts and figures they need from a 30-second Google search, why do they need you?

If an agency owner relies on handing out information to “build value” for their customers, they will be in the passing lane on the road to obsolescence. As it is, people don’t have the attention to spare to digest the information they have already.  It’s hard for them to separate the useful facts from the overwhelming background noise.

This “information overwhelm” opens up an opportunity.  Because there’s more complexity, prospects have lots of information, but don’t necessarily know how to translate that information into something that’s usable and actionable.

But you do.

What customers are looking for more than ever is someone who can guide their decision-making.  Someone who can help them digest and navigate the overwhelming amount of data they have.  They need someone that they can trust to help them make the best use of their limited time and attention.  They need a Sales Sherpa™ to guide them along the buying journey.  That way they can use the information they have effectively and efficiently.

How can you become a Sales Sherpa for your prospects?

Share Content that Positions You

You don’t have to stop sharing information as a means of building value for prospects.  But the information itself isn’t as important as the way it positions you in their minds.  If you are consistently providing content around specific topics and areas of expertise, you position yourself as the go-to expert.  Make sure your content is focused around the main solutions you provide for your customers.

Stay in Front of Your Customer

I’m sure you know the value of staying in front of your potential clients, but do you actually take steps to ensure that you do?  In the noisy world that we live in, it’s very easy for you to fall off of your prospects’ and clients’ radars.  It’s critical that you use all of the tools available to stay top of mind.  Regular use of social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, vlogs, and the like will keep you in the mix and ensure that you are the one they reach out to when they are ready. The human brain is wired to give more credence to the first answer it comes up with – so make sure you are at the top of the list for your clients.

Plant Seeds Today to Harvest Tomorrow

It’s more important than ever to play the long game.  Trust and reputation are built over time.  If you are only focused on short-term transactions you will lose out to competitors and technology that have commoditized the space.  Become a farmer that is always planting seeds that can be harvested in the near and far future.  Even putting 10-15% of your efforts into outreach and relationship-building that will grow your business long-term is a valuable investment.

The sales landscape has changed, and by changing with it, you ensure that you will survive and thrive.  Find ways to become an invaluable guide for your prospects, and they will keep coming back to you for more.